Men’s Shed

Men's Shed

Moonee Valley Men’s Shed

Moonee Valley City Council, with support from the State Government and Johnson & Rielly, has developed a program designed to help men in the community, in particular those who are isolated or at risk.

The program, called the Moonee Valley Men’s Shed, involves men coming together to work on projects in a fully equipped shed. Projects can include repair jobs, personal projects, craft and carpentry ideas, as well as one off projects.

The Moonee Valley Men’s Shed is located on Bruce Street in Moonee Ponds.

For more information about the shed and opening hours visit or contact Council 9243 8888.


What is a Men’s shed?

The basic premise of each Men’s Shed is to provide a local, informal location where the men of a community can spend time engaged in manual crafts such as woodworking, metal working or the restoration of old furniture, objects, machines etc.

The shed is a place for men to be socially active and form friendships, and allows new opportunities for activity and interaction in their lives post-work. The sheds are often open a few days a week.

Members range from men who are using tools for the first time to experienced woodworking looking to maintain and hone their existing skills. The shed environment is positive and encouraging no matter what a man’s ability, and there is a strong focus on learning new skills, encouraging one another and working together.


Just as diverse as the Sheds themselves are the number of different activities available to men.

Although activities vary from shed to shed, they may include:

  • Members personal projects
  • Making projects for community needs – for example birdboxes or toys for schools & hospitals
  • Making or repairing items of furniture
  • Learning to use a wide variety of workshop tools
  • Working together with other men to complete larger scale projects for the Shed or community
  • Social networks and activities eg BBQs
  • Painting, sanding, assembling, decorating, mending or template making
  • Making items to raise funds for the Shed


The main purpose of the sheds is to offer men a place to engage with hands on activities and to interact with other men, and by doing so to develop a sense of meaning and value around the process of completing projects in the sheds.

Through shared experiences in the shed, members make friends, build a network of emotional support and develop sense of belonging – all of which facilitate a willingness to communicate often uncommon in men. The health and wellbeing aspect of the Sheds, particularly in terms of preventative health, is perhaps their greatest benefit.

The shed also provides an environment where productivity and being of value to his community can contribute to a man’s feeling of self worth, and help to develop a sense of meaning and productivity in the years following retirement, loss or other hardship.

The Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA) was established in 2007 as a resource centre for community Men’s Sheds around Australia.

With over 530 registered locations and over 50,000 members, AMSA represents and promotes the Sheds, and is committed to encouraging and supporting men of all ages to live full, active and independent lives by simply providing a space for them – a shed.

AMSA is involved in representing Men’s Shed to Governments, NGO’s and funding sources, as well as assisting with the establishment, maintenance and promotion of individual facilities. In addition, the organisation aims to foster communication between the Shed’s, and to act as a resource centre for the Shed movement as a whole.

The Australian Men’s Shed Association is supported by financial assistance from the Australian Government.

For more information, contact the Australian Men’s Shed Association

Phone: 1300 550 009